Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mystery Mix Tape

This week I finished the 6" blocks to make up my new Mystery Mix Tape quilt, which is based on the Mix Tape pattern by Oh Frannson, this was my original inspiration from The CraftyBlackbird.

for my God-daughter's new brother or sister. Making a gender neutral quilt was really difficult to choose the colours for, but I decided that I couldn't go wrong with a variety blues, yellows and lime green and the simple 6" blocks should be easy to make a semi-matching quilt for the new big sister.

I broke Oh Fransson's pattern down into 4 block types
Block A

Block B

Block C

and Block D

I made a variety of these blocks from my 10 materials until I had a total of 30 blocks and rotated some of them 90 degrees in the layout so it didnt end up too regimented. (Please excuse the colours on this one, it was dark, honestly they aren't quite this vivd!)

Now all that's left is to choose the sashing colour, I am thinking a light grey, but I am not sure. I think it needs something to give your eyes a break after the yellow and green, but white doesn't sound sensible for a baby quilt. Then I can make my binding from this fabric;

I absolutely fell in love with it when I first saw it, and to be honest the colour scheme for the whole quilt was taken from this fabric!

J x


  1. It looks lovely Jennie; look forward to seeing which binding you go for x

  2. Great quilt and I love your inspiration fabric!

  3. Looking good! What a lovely gift this will make! Jxo