Friday, 7 October 2011

Mastering curved seams... maybe

Aaaargh this month was a scary one! I kept looking at all the pretty fabrics all perfectly pre-cut for me by Miss September; Susan (thank you for being patient!) but no matter how they gazed lovingly back at me I could not be tempted and kept putting them back in the box.

It suddenly dawned on me that the end of september was fast approaching and I had procrastinated long enough, so in 3 gruelling evenings I sucked it up and got on with it. With the help of a lovely video tutorial from Very Kerry Berry whose sewing and flipping was so easy to follow I almost got them all right!

And it wasn't long before I had enough to start piecing them together...

Once I got into it I figure it took me about 10 mins per little block to line up and sew (and then all the extra time I spent pressing and playing with the possibilities)

(don't worry, this one hasn't been ironed yet- i'm sure it didn't end up all wrinkly)

And I finished off with two of the loveliest blocks I have seen (not trying to make my sewing sound any good, I just love this layout) ... I am now a complete drunken convert and think I may be needing to make a substantial investment in the near future as I NEED a table runner of these guys!!!

I am hoping they make it you soon Suzi-Q, I think they should be there by now

J x


  1. Sorry Jenny, I meant to blog them today but my brain died some time at the beginning of the week. The blocks you made for me are wonderfully well done. Two more to arrive and I'll have them all. Thanks so much for making them.