Saturday, 11 June 2011

Another busy day

Wooo, I am glad to report that I have finished my June blocks too! Trudi and Fiona, you can commence checking you letter boxes in eager anticipation (or backing away in fear, as the case may be) because both sets of blocks are on their way!

Here is a sneaky preview of Fiona's finished block...

Now that I am finally up to speed, I was allowed to do some playing, I have a single fat quarter from Verna that I have been holding for some time and I absolutely needed a new pin cushion, so ta-da!

I love these jars, I have been saving them for a while, but we just don't get through jam quick enough, they have a curved edge and lock neatly together all in a row- I think I will be needing some co-ordinating versions of this!

and what is a new pin cushion, without a needle case?!

I just love the matchy-ness!

In case you are wondering I used a tutorial from Jennifer Dawn for the pin cushion, although after making a yoyo looking shape, I realised that 5" was not enough of a diameter for my jar and I ended up opening the circle and hot gluing the edges around the lid and then covering the rough edges with my ribbon. and I used a tutorial from My Three Sons to get me started the needle case, but as I didn't have any hexies to use, I fussy cut a piece of my pattern for the front and back.

J x

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