Thursday, 2 June 2011

Brit Bee Practice

I am so annoyed at myself that I couldn't find the time to finish my May block in May- even more so as it's the first block and what a rubbish first impression :( but I have made my apologies to lovely Miss May and will get on it asap.

It turns out that despite everyone thinking we were finished after the interviews and opening evening last week, no one had planned or done any work for the summer show so it was back to rearranging furniture and carrying huge models around the windy campus this week.

In the meantime I though I would share my progress so far, firstly (and most excitingly) my first HST :D

Isn't it beautiful, lol! The fabric is from Red Rose Farm by Elizabeth Scott and it's just a simple polka dot but I love it... and amazingly it kind of co-ordinates with my little Nicey Jane stash, and so the first block of my Bee Quilt is born

And finished!

Unfortunately it was dark by the time I finished, but you get the gist.

I am so glad this block was chosen, because I loved the Lynne Bob Squarepants but it seemed way to advanced for me (this is definitely the case- a lot of those seams do NOT match up, but hey I came here to learn right!) but I am grateful for the push! Now fingers crossed for better matching and more concentration on the real deal!

J x


  1. I'm a big fan of Nicey Jane, and the way you've used it in you block is LOVELY! Good luck with the final block :-)

  2. Great job! The next one will be 'wee buns' (that's Northen Irish for 'piece of cake'!) Jxo

  3. The fabric is gorgeous and the block would make a great pillow with a bit of sashing. Any imperfections make it uniquely yours. I specialise in imperfections myself!

  4. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It works very creative and nice,,