Friday, 15 June 2012

Brit Quilt - Round 3

Today I am soooo excited, as I have finally got around to booking my Festival of Quilts ticket, I'll be there on sunday, is anyone else going?

AND I have signed up for Mike Stead's Happy Villages class, I was really hoping to get into one of Alicia Merrett's classes too but she has completely filled up- procrastinating is a terrible disease, I really should have signed up 2 weeks ago when I first saw it!

AND in the vein of avoiding disappointment by not procrastinating so much, I have signed up for the Brit Quilt swap (round 3 is open for registration now) I have watched these ladies from afar for as long as I have been reading blogs, but I have always chickened out of joining in. Not so much this year though, I am going to throw myself in and see what happens!

This is the mosaic that I made for my fellow Brit Quilters, looking through my pinterest feed (here) I have an ever changing quilty love, at the moment I have been sucked into the rainbow solid goodness that is filling blogland. I also love intricate and delicate piecing and striking geometric and abstract designs. I have a love affair with the art quilt (much to my Bee's dislike) so I am drawn to all sorts of different designs and organic shapes and I am forever drawn to maps and cityscapes that sing to my inner (and outer) architect.

I guess I am still finding my quilty identity, there's just so much to see and try and at the moment I want it ALL!

J x


  1. I am in love with the bottom left quilt in the mosaic. Gorgeous!

  2. Good for you for signing up to the BQS Jen! It's great fun! Great mosaic too. jxo

  3. Glad you jumped in - I can;t wait for this swap to get going xxx

  4. Heh, I'm right there with you on the quilty identity front! Have fun at the Festival :o)