Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Playing Bee Catch Up

Wow this weekend really ran off with me, despite me taking an unofficial 3 day weekend (don't get excited- it wasn't for fun reasons) but I did manage to get on with my bee block... for may :( please don't be mad at me.

Each month I have been lucky enough to try something completely new to me but this month was 8 pointed stars and I have already tried an 8 pointed star here;

and for our super secret Project 51 here;

As I knew it was going to be particularly late, I wanted to put an extra special effort in so when I found the Lone Starburst block from Six White Horses Studio,

(image from Six White Horses)

I fell completely and utterly in love with it and I proceded to disregard all comments about how long it might take even an experienced paper piecer. Well it turns out they were right, this is one majorly time consuming block and as much as I love the pattern I do not think I could make a whole quilt out of it.  I mean, seriously time consuming, like an hour per 1/8th of a block! This was partly due to my inexperience and a comment from Kerry at the retreat that it was easier to be more precise by hand than by machine, honestly, looking back I probably should have graduated to machine piecing while doing this block but I enjoyed not having to lug my machine out all the time and just picking up a bit to finish off.

So without further ado, block one for Terri, aka Miss May

The colours probably wouldn't be my first choice but Terri has asked for the pink to be used as a background, I can't wait to see what she does with all of these stars; its going to be such a bright and colourful quilt!

J x


  1. Good on you for sticking at it - it looks great!

  2. Wow, that's some serious work! Well done :)

  3. Nice block. I have been admiring that pattern but I think you have successfully put me off it. Yay!

    1. experienced paper piecers shouldn't be put off- bear in mind I have only made 2 paper pieced blocks before (an apple and a spool) and it was done almost entirely by hand.

  4. Congrats for seeing it all the way through. I have to admit I machine all my paper piecing, I'm just a bit lazy lol

  5. Well done for sticking at it J! Worth it all in the end! Jxo

  6. Oh my giddy aunt!! I'm doing a happy dance here! I love it, thanks so much Jennie :))) xox