Wednesday, 23 February 2011

ipad case

Last summer C queued for his ipad on release day at the apple shop and it has been his baby ever since, he keeps it in a plain black Apple case that was starting to look a little boring, but knowing how much he protects it- not just any replacement would do...

-drum roll please-

C's ipad case!!!!

I'm quite pleased with it, other than a handful of beginner "duh!" moments it has turned out pretty well and it contained a lot of firsts;
- first pattern designed completely from scratch
- first gift made using my sewing machine
- first quilting attempt
- first binding attempt
- first raw edge applique

I had several points in mind for my brief, it had to;
- protect the ipad if it was dropped (to some extent)
- be easy to slide the ipad in and out
- not have a seam at the bottom (where it would need most padding)
- have no exposed seams on the inside
- it had to be manly fabric with an exceptionally soft, non-scratch interior

and I think all of them were accomplished! Except for maybe the manly fabric- that is hard to find, I settled on the polka dots but I don't think they are too girly to be seen out in public.

The front of the case has an oversized appliqued apple to match that on the ipad itself

and the back has a little apple camouflaged in the corner disguised as a polka dot

J x

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  1. nice job - have been thinking about something similar for my ipad - well done!