Monday, 13 June 2011

Colour Play

Today I stumbled across a series of posts on The Colour Challenge at Very Berry Handmade which reminded my of Palette Ping Pong, which has been going on for a long time at Ginger and George and I was inspired to give it a go.

I started with one of my favourite images at the moment from Wildflowers Photography and got so into it that I tried a whole lot more!

After playing with lots of different coloured images, I decided to try an "all white" image and I found this bedroom on my pinterest stream, it was amazing how many colours could be found in it once I started looking closely.

When you look at all the images as one, I was surprised at the colours that seemed to be coming out; I guess I now know that I lean towards dusty colours, but I would never have thought that for myself!

J x

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Another busy day

Wooo, I am glad to report that I have finished my June blocks too! Trudi and Fiona, you can commence checking you letter boxes in eager anticipation (or backing away in fear, as the case may be) because both sets of blocks are on their way!

Here is a sneaky preview of Fiona's finished block...

Now that I am finally up to speed, I was allowed to do some playing, I have a single fat quarter from Verna that I have been holding for some time and I absolutely needed a new pin cushion, so ta-da!

I love these jars, I have been saving them for a while, but we just don't get through jam quick enough, they have a curved edge and lock neatly together all in a row- I think I will be needing some co-ordinating versions of this!

and what is a new pin cushion, without a needle case?!

I just love the matchy-ness!

In case you are wondering I used a tutorial from Jennifer Dawn for the pin cushion, although after making a yoyo looking shape, I realised that 5" was not enough of a diameter for my jar and I ended up opening the circle and hot gluing the edges around the lid and then covering the rough edges with my ribbon. and I used a tutorial from My Three Sons to get me started the needle case, but as I didn't have any hexies to use, I fussy cut a piece of my pattern for the front and back.

J x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Practicing June

I really wanted to get a reasonable start on June's blocks, hopefully to make up for May, this month's block from FionaPoppy is a disappearing nine patch, it is one that has been on my list of things to try but I haven't got around to it yet. The block came together so quickly that I think I might use these blocks for my god daughter's "Big Sister" quilt, and her little brother/sister's baby quilt, due in a few months.

I was so careful trying to match my seams on the initial nine patch, it is so much easier when there's only 2 seams at a time to think about- it's actually possible to match them up!

Chopping begins...

Then I started playing with the arrangements, I can't tell you how many of these I tried, but these are probably my favourites.

And my final arrangement, I think this turned out pretty well, even though my seams weren't perfect (it wouldn't be a block of mine if they did though I guess!)

J x

Brit Bee for Real

I finally got started on my Brit Bee block for May, despite my lack of skill in matching seams, I think I love HST's, I could have gone on making them all morning. As I can't show you the photos of my final block yet, here are the pretty Giddy HST's cut and stacked ready for placing in the block.

J x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Brit Bee Practice

I am so annoyed at myself that I couldn't find the time to finish my May block in May- even more so as it's the first block and what a rubbish first impression :( but I have made my apologies to lovely Miss May and will get on it asap.

It turns out that despite everyone thinking we were finished after the interviews and opening evening last week, no one had planned or done any work for the summer show so it was back to rearranging furniture and carrying huge models around the windy campus this week.

In the meantime I though I would share my progress so far, firstly (and most excitingly) my first HST :D

Isn't it beautiful, lol! The fabric is from Red Rose Farm by Elizabeth Scott and it's just a simple polka dot but I love it... and amazingly it kind of co-ordinates with my little Nicey Jane stash, and so the first block of my Bee Quilt is born

And finished!

Unfortunately it was dark by the time I finished, but you get the gist.

I am so glad this block was chosen, because I loved the Lynne Bob Squarepants but it seemed way to advanced for me (this is definitely the case- a lot of those seams do NOT match up, but hey I came here to learn right!) but I am grateful for the push! Now fingers crossed for better matching and more concentration on the real deal!

J x