Sunday, 22 May 2011

Quilt Numero Uno

Finally, progress has been made on my very first quilt this week. After completing the work for my review I stopped off in Leicester to pick up some solid fabric to match the patchwork section. I am really pleased with the colour and used it for a thin border between the patchwork and the main spotty fabric to finish the quilt top.

I also finally picked up a rotary cutter, 24" ruler and a cutting mat and I am in love! It took next to no time to cut a series of strips and stacking them was really easy because all the seems matched perfectly (no estimating like I did with the patchwork section) so I have made a lot of headway with the back as well!

Unfortunately I ran out of the solid before I could finish the vertical parts of the outer border, but one more length from the market ought to fix that next time I am in town and then I will be ready for some serious quilting and binding- very exciting, but there are so many decisions to be made; I have no idea what pattern to use for the quilting.

Also, my practise bee fabric turned up this morning so I can give Lynnebob Square Pants a go before cutting into Trudi's lovely Giddy fabric. Hopefully that will give me something to show tomorrow too :)

J x

PS. Please excuse the little doggie feet that appear in a lot of my photos; he likes to be involved!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I am officially back!

I have been ridiculously busy with uni for the last few weeks, but as it is nearly finished (apart from a single 40 minute interview next week) I have managed to brush the dust of my sewing machine and I even have a finish to show...

I knew Chris needed a new laptop case, literally months ago, and decided to make a case which would match his iPad case (partly because I had so much of that material left) I took all of the measurements and cut everything out about two or three months ago, I even cut and raw edge appliqued the apples, but before I knew it work was piling up and this far from half done case was left in a corner.

After looking at it every day for months, I finally had time to finish it off last week and despite not having a clue what the original plan had been I quilted it, put everything together and was pleased with it as it is much neater than the iPad case, although still not perfect.

... Now if only the laptop fit :(

J x