Sunday, 22 May 2011

Quilt Numero Uno

Finally, progress has been made on my very first quilt this week. After completing the work for my review I stopped off in Leicester to pick up some solid fabric to match the patchwork section. I am really pleased with the colour and used it for a thin border between the patchwork and the main spotty fabric to finish the quilt top.

I also finally picked up a rotary cutter, 24" ruler and a cutting mat and I am in love! It took next to no time to cut a series of strips and stacking them was really easy because all the seems matched perfectly (no estimating like I did with the patchwork section) so I have made a lot of headway with the back as well!

Unfortunately I ran out of the solid before I could finish the vertical parts of the outer border, but one more length from the market ought to fix that next time I am in town and then I will be ready for some serious quilting and binding- very exciting, but there are so many decisions to be made; I have no idea what pattern to use for the quilting.

Also, my practise bee fabric turned up this morning so I can give Lynnebob Square Pants a go before cutting into Trudi's lovely Giddy fabric. Hopefully that will give me something to show tomorrow too :)

J x

PS. Please excuse the little doggie feet that appear in a lot of my photos; he likes to be involved!


  1. That looks totally lovely, doggy feet an' all!

  2. This is looking fab! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Jxo

  3. It's great to get to the last stages of a quilt - well done! The first of many I hope...