Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I have been trying to keep quiet about this all week- but now Miss October has received her blocks I feel free to post away... This month Laura asked for "stars," pretty much any stars in the whole wide quilty world and believe me I checked every corner!

After changing my mind a few times at the beginning of the month I decided to stretch my wings and try out some beautiful paper pieced designs I had seen on the Freshly Pieced Summer Sampler Series

My very favourite, and most star like blocks, were the Arkansas Traveller and Rocky Road to Kansas (and how excited was I when I saw that Laura had commented on the Arkansas block- I thought I was on to a winner... a very secret winner) so I started cutting and playing with my own fabrics and graduated to Laura's lovelies!

Imagine my surprise when I log in to flickr to inform the ladies that my blocks are in the post, and to post some sneaky previews, when *shock horror* I see that the first 2 pictures in my photostream are from Judith at Needles and Lemons, who has chosen the EXACT TWO BLOCKS and to make matters worse; she is a damn sight better than I am!

So, long story short, sorry Miss Laura, at least you gave us all different colours! Next time I will be checking flickr more religiously!

J x

ps. check in for more lessons next month, when I will be screwing up HSTs for one month only... if I'm lucky!


  1. Great minds think alike!! And it's amazing how different the same pattern can look in different fabrics. All the blocks will look amazing when pieced together, don't worry! Jxo