Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Busy busy busy

I finally sat down and cracked on with my christmas presents this weekend, and I can at last check one off my list... I present to you, the GrandHands Cushion!

It has been sitting in pieces since I last posted about it, but this weekend I finally got around to putting it all together and I can't believe how easy it was- why I have I not made a cushion before?!

I went with option 4, from this post, (omg I can't believe that was november, I have been so lax with this!) and Laura's suggestion of swapping the white and beige hands around and I think the little white hand stands out a bit better this way.

After outlining all the prints with a long running stitch, I traced and backstitched a signiture of each grandchild next to their hand.

A quick panel for the back flap with the date, so we can all marvel at how small Maddie's hands are in a couple of years time, and I was done!

Not only have I finished something, but it was something on my Winter Stitching List too- woohoo!!!

Now just to sit down and plan out all the things that I must absolutely get done before Christmas, time for some finger crossing.

J x


  1. Good to get a tick on your winter stitching list eh?

  2. Well done - it's a lovely cushion and will bring years of memories xxx

  3. Lovely idea using hand prints! Well done! Jxo

  4. Awesome! This would also make a great Mothers' day gift.

  5. What an adorable idea - I'd have to figure out how to fit five on their for my parents (well, at least just my five kids!). You did a great job!