Sunday, 5 May 2013

Quiltography Tutorial: Medallion Quilts

I have been playing about with the design possibilities of Quiltography and have spent a little bit of time trying out a Medallion Quilt. I have never got around to making a real one, but a digital version seemed within my grasp.

This is my first Medallion Quilt and it was really easy to do on Quiltography the only thing you need to remember is that to start with you will need a square quilt with an EVEN number of blocks horizontally and vertically (mine is 10 blocks wide)

For the central medallion I chose a block from the templates that could be rotated about a central point to form another block- my favorites were on point blocks and I had already created this flower on an earlier quilt.

Make sure the set of 4 blocks that makes up your medallion, is in the centre of the quilt; then it is just a case of working your way around in concentric circles.

Round 1: I used a Jacob's Ladder style block, rotated and flipped to form a zig zag pattern around the centre.

Round 2: A nice, easy flying geese block with a 4 square to mark the corners.

Round 3: Bowtie blocks are also useful for making zig zags as the pattern goes from corner to corner on the block.

Round 4: Another simple block, this was is a 9 patch with 6 of the squares filled with white, to act as a border.

It is as simple as that; one medallion quilt, no waiting!

If you haven't already heard; you can now get Quiltography for iPad on the App Store

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Jennie x

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