Winter Stitching List 2011

Following FairyFace's excellent example, I have decided to compile my Winter Stitching list, I have no idea how long it is going to be, but let's start with some easy ones;

1. finish my woolly christmas tree garland (13 down, 7 to go)

2. wrap some woolly wreaths, from ChristopherAndTia

3. make a series of felt stockings for the garland, by Dutch Blue

4. trio of applique and embroidery christmas scenes (when Helen brings some hoops back from China for me to play with) by Pilli Pilli

5. stay up to date with my Brit Bee (and finish October's this week)
             October's blocks blogged here
    finished November's block as per 18th November to be blogged when received by Miss November

6. enjoy the local quilting festival on Sunday 23rd, by Lutterworth Piecemakers blogged here

7. quilt and bind Numero Uno
    quilting blogged here
    finished blogged here

8. quilt and bind it's twin; Uno Gemelo (sticking with the spanish naming theme for these babies)

9. quilt and bind my Baby Mystery Mixtape 

10. start (and finish the big sister quilt)
             started here
             quilted here
11. cushion for Nan of all her grandchildren's handprints
12. decide what I want for my Bee month and order the fabric
              I am down to 2 options, one they will hate me for, one I will just be disliked for... choices, choices,                           choices!
13. finish the embroidery lettering tutorial, over at Needle N Thread I started months ago!

and in true list-making tradition, you have to put something on that you can check off immediately...

14. write my winter stitching list

now that doesn't look too bad, but there are a couple of painful ones on there!

J x

update - 18th November - 3/14 done!
update - 13th December - 5/14 done and progress on 2 others (that's almost halfway right?!) 
update - 20th December - 7/14 done!
update - 22nd December - 8/14 done
update - 6th February - 9/14 done and 2 removed

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