Friday, 4 March 2011

Beginning a birthday present

I sat down last night to start making a birthday present for a friend who loves to bake and I couldn't think of anything better for her than an apron and hat! I found a pattern for the hat here while googling madly (you can see it listed under her tutorials) as I couldn't be bothered with the maths although I altered some of the sizes and I am going to leave off the velcro fastening and even with my slow beginner style it only took about an hour and a half, although I did have some help...

but he decided it was too much like hard work and soon fell asleep, leaving me to carry on alone.

There was a lot of finger pricking when I was trying to fix the pleats; until I realised that I should be pinning down the brim, and magically there were no more sharp edges for me to hurt myself on- duh!

All in all I am pleased with it and can't wait to show my friend; I hope he loves it as much as I do (and my model; Jen de Bear thinks it fits perfectly too and thinks she is getting to keep it)

Next up is a cute flirty apron to complete the set, I have found a great one that I will be testing and showing you in the next few days!

Thank you for stopping by,

J x

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  1. love that adorable chef hat and the doggie looks like he would be a best friend

  2. What an adorable chefs hat. And SO cute on that doggy!