Friday, 11 March 2011

Finally got something finished!

Well, I think it has been more than a few days since I finished the chef's hat and guess what; the matching apron is still not complete! I have to finish it today/ tomorrow thogh because I am meeting the brithday girl for lunch! Whoops! I promise I have started it... just need to add the waistband and ties.

I was surprised how simple yet complete the tutorial was; I think I am only a zip away from a fully lined half circle skirt- which makes me quite happy and I think I might have to try a proper skirt at some point; who knew clothing wasn't that hard afterall... unless I am missing something vital that is.

At least I have a couple of finishes to show and tell; first is another birthday present for a friend who wants to learn how to knit.

  The needle case was a nice simple and quick pattern after the apron; two identical rectangles sewn right sides together and then folded and sewn into a pocket shape. I added parallel lines roughly every 2cm to create separate needle pockets and they fit nice and snuggly.

Next I have been working on a costume for a party themed; what did you want to be when you grew up; I always wanted to own a sweetshop (because I thought I would get free sweets)
so I simplified the apron I have been working on for Sarah, to a half circle skirt, altered the pockets to fit my chocolate bars in neatly and reduced the work involved in the waistband (it means I can't tie a bow in the ties, just a knot, but that's all I really need anyway)

and to complete my costume I needed a fun shirt to go with it... my first t-shirt transfer...

I didn't have the iron on hot enough the first time, but once I read the instructions it was super simple and it looks great, I added I ribbon the the lollipop stick to make it a bit more special. As childish as it is, I think I could get away with wearing this as a normal t-shirt- it would definityle make  great design for a kid's shirt.

Here's a closeup of the transfer,

If I had realised how much of the transfer sheet you would be able to see, I would have been a bit more careful with it, next time I will get it right!

thanks for reading
J x

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