Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bee Dreaming

Wow, I didn't realise how long it had been since I last posted but my Bee fabric arrived through the letter bx this morning and has spurred me into action again :)

The task this month has been set by Judith of Needles and Lemons, and it is for ANY red and white block- kinda scary!

I love redwork quilts and have been thinking about embroidery; at first I found some lovely fairy tale designs (the Princess and the Pea was my absolute favourite!) but I didn't think that was personal enough. Then I saw a quilt made from town landmarks -sorry I forgotten who/ where it was, and I thought something from Judith's hometown would be lovely... but what is more personal than your own home- and I spend most days drawing houses after all! So I thought an embroidery sketch of the front elevation would be nice, but on second thoughts I have always loved doors and it really is the most easily identifiable bit of your home.

So Judith, my first idea is a redwork embroidered block of your front door. What do you think? I know you said that you didn't want any blocks with obvious corners so I was thinking a white block with an inset red sashing (unfortunately the white edge didnt show up very well in my mock up)

Oh, and if this in any way looks like your own front door- I promise I'm not a stalker it was just a picture of a pretty door :)

Still thinking about my second block, which will probably be a conventional block but I am not sure which yet.

Thank you for the freedom Judith, I am really loving the research in this challenge :)

J x


  1. Thats a beautiful sketch! Really interesting approach to the blocks :-)

  2. This is a wonderful sketch ! I was about to ask "What are you doing for a living ?" when I saw at the top of the blog that you are an architecture student.......ah! I also was thinking that you stalked me but alas this is not my door (I can sent you a picture of mine if you want..). I adore redwork quilts and one of them is also on my very, very long list of quilts to make. I would be very happy if you included this as one of the blocks.

  3. Great idea! Lovely sketch too! Jxo

  4. Hello! Im a brit quilter too so I thought Id add you to my blogroll too -stop by and say hi, its lovely to get to know some more brit quilters. Dana