Monday, 17 October 2011

An achievement... or two

Having had an awful time at work the last few weeks, I have finally had the courage to stand up to my boss and tell him that I am not coming back in until he sorts himself out, which means I have had a week off to play and while the first few days were all about sorting out the house and looking after my family, friday was all about me and I certainly kept myself busy!

First, I dragged out the Baby Mixtape quilt which has been sitting quietly in my dining room waiting for me, and I have 100% finished the piecing for the top.

Now I just have to go out to buy the sheet for the backing (that might have to wait a few weeks until payday though as I allowed myself to buy these beauties online...)


I have been eyeing up Etchings for ages and I just couldn't wait any longer, who knows when it's going to arrive- but at least I can be happy that it is on it's way!!!

But in the meantime I need to practice my quilting on this guy...

who has been in the wings for far too long, but I am so pleased that I still like him! Originally this was going to be the front of a double sided quilt in matching fabrics, so I have been adding borders to the back panel to get the sizes right, but now I have changed my mind and I am pretty sure I need some extra quilting practice so I bought plenty of neutral backing to make two yummy lap quilts that might actually get used.

Part of the decision came when I realised that I think I prefer the back to the front and I don't think I could bear to use it if I liked both sides- I am not that confident that my seams will hold!

Notice the extra pieced borders, I should have measured the length before going to buy fabric; note that 44" isn't as long as you think and that a quarter probably isn't enough... lesson learnt! 

Hopefully, quilting this is on the cards for today, after a long walk over the fields with this guy,

He needs a bit of tlc, but the lucky guy does have his first costume all ready for Halloween. Now, normally I am dead against dogs in clothes (unless they are supposed to be useful, like a snuggly fleecy jacket for a short haired dog in the snow) but I saw this toddle pumpkin costume in Wilkinsons and decided to take my first stab at clothing alterations. It turned out to be dead simple; just a few ripped seams and some alterations to the sleeves and waistband, with an additional tie ribbon around his middle and he's all set to go...

Not sure what to do with the matching hat though...

What do you think?


PS. Don't worry Miss October, your blocks are works in progress, hopefully I will get them done tomorrow!

Now off to walk this doggy and try to shift my cold!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it lately. Your quilts are looking lovely. Enjoy your time off. Jxo

  2. I started off thinking 'good for you, go girl', then fab quilts, then 'OMG I don't know her, I'm off!' xx