Monday, 24 October 2011

Woolly Christmas Tree Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial, I normally post in progress photographs of my projects but after figuring out a nice neat way to do these, I thought I would share it with you- although it really isn't that complicated.

Step 1 - for skinny christmas tree cones, I drew around a side plate and split it into 4 even slices.

Step 2 - tape the first wool colour beneath a ribbon for hanging at the right angle, and cut the point down to the top of the tape and tape into a cone shape.

Step 3 - with a large puddle of pva glue at the tip, begin to wrap the wool around the cone, but not too tight so it slips off the top of the cone, in a couple of minutes the glue should hold it all in place. I used a vertical stripe of glue all the way down the cone to stop any slipping, because I only wanted a single layer of wool.

Keep wrapping until you want to change colours.

Step 4 - finish the colour with a dab of glue to hold it in place and then angle the tail down so that you can catch it with the next colour.

Step 5 - start the next colour in a pool of glue at an angle and then over the tail of the previous colour, making sure to catch both tails with each wrap around and continue down.

Step 6 - at the bottom of the cone glue all the way around to secure the last line of wool and when it is dry tuck the tail end under the cone and glue in place.

Step 7 - now its time to decorate!

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  1. These are cute! Would be a great wee activity for kids too! Jxo