Monday, 15 August 2011

Hoop Trio

Mum stop reading NOW!!! (just in case!)

I don't think that anybody that I know IRL reads my blog, I tried to keep it quiet; it's kind of like having a secret identity, but you never know what mum's get up to! :)

I worked all weekend on a present for my mum's birthday and I am pretty pleased with the result (isn't it great when that happens, I hate it when you work on something FOREVER and you just can't get it right - that's what work is like at the moment for me)

My dad has recently converted the back bedroom in their house to her new sewing room, but despite it now being filled with all the requisite crafty stuff it didn't seem quite complete... which is where I step in! I decided that what she really needed was some artwork, so I planned and planned and researched and planned and came up with these...

which quickly turned into these...

and not so quickly into this...

which I am little disappointed with as my sketch was so much better, but transferring it to the patchworked fabric was really difficult (I can tell you that it was NOT my best idea, I should have listened to Chris)

So together they read "karen's sewing room"

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that she likes it when I give it to her this weekend!

J x


  1. Your mum is going to love them! They are really lovely x

  2. I'm sure your mum will love them :-)

  3. Wow - these are lovely. I especially like the "room" one. Just found your blog through Brit Quilt on Flickr and am now a follower.

  4. How creative of you! I'm sure mum will love them, especially because you made them. Jxo