Friday, 12 August 2011

Ooops, is July over already?!

Bee-ing did NOT go very well for me this month afterall (sorry Judith) I was super duper prepared at the beginning of July and did loads of research, settled on a block and even got my sketches sorted right back in the first week of July- all that was left to do was make the damn thing, but my weekends got sucked up with family commitments and I waaaaay misjudged how long that would take, before I knew it, it was the end of the month and I still just had a sketch!

Last friday I was determined to get it done, I sat down to cut and piece block one that evening and did the redwork on saturday morning... and saturday afternoon... evening... all of sunday... and it was all done on monday! How on earth it took me an entire weekend of sewing for that little block is beyond me; at least I managed to get my sky box clear of all those films I had hanging on and I think channel 5 played 'A Secret Garden' especially for me!

so here she is, I hope she was worth the wait!

and I made great time with block 2, I think its the first block ever that I have managed to get done in one sitting, AND it was one evening after work!

So even though this block decided to not let me sleep last week, it turned out alright- i was dreading looking at it the next morning in case there was a huge glaring mistake, but no, except for the customery idiotic mistake (this time sewing all the flying geese to the same side of the pinwheel because I had them lined up on the table so neatly) and subsequent unpicking, it went without a hitch! Yey!

Promise I will have the message block done soon too, but I had to get on with my mum's birthday present this week- pictures to follow next week!


ps. the second block is a Martha Washington Star, from Modify Tradition


  1. Gorgeous blocks. Love the secret garden door! Jxo

  2. I just love that door! Gorgeous :-)

  3. I think your bloc,ks were worth the wait. Lovely embroidery!