Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Better late than never... I hope

I hope you agree Jo, firstly I have to say sorry that this block is soooo late (as I should have had it in the post over a month ago) but I knew I would have trouble finishing it on time as we were away at the end of april, and half of may. But I hadn't anticipated the chaos that we would come home to.

Enough with the excuses, this is April's Brit Bee block for Jo who simply asked for "circles," any circle technique, any size as long as we used some linen in the block. How open can you be?! She even trusted us with some Heather Ross Far Far Away - forgive me if I don't know whether it is series 1 or 2.

I have never understood why everyone seemed to go gaga over FFA, as up until this block I have only ever seen it online,  but it is such a lovely material to hold and play with (Jo you are sooo lucky to be getting this back as it kept trying to jump into my stash box, don't worry though I have rescued it all and sealed it in the envelope)

After coming back from the FQR last weekend, I could not resist trying out the newest technique in my arsenal for this circle block, can you guess what it is yet...


I was so excited to try this out again and it worked even better than it did in Lucie's workshop, it also came together really quickly, but this was probably because I didn't frame any of the circles. I had to piece the backing fabric as my linen piece wasn't big enough, hope you like it Jo!

J x

ps. Terri, you are next on my list ;)


  1. Am loving the far far away porthole, lucky Jo!

  2. I love that you did Portholes. How appropriate to bring the year full circle. And I think that stripe is perfect, and I thought it was inspired, not a way to get round piecing the backing.

  3. Good to use the retreat as a source of inspiration and motivation! Good going J! Jxo

  4. Perfect use of the portholes!

  5. Thank you for the lovely block! I am so looking forward to finding five minutes to lay it all out and plan what blocks to make myself - I suspect I'll give in to the lure of porthole too :)