Saturday, 30 June 2012

What to do?

I was lucky enough to win TWO charm packs of Lucy's Crab Shack from Judith last week, look at the lovilieness!

(image from

It arrived in my letterbox yesterday, but I have been thinking about what to do with them all week, I could do with a nice easy to put together top and I was thinking about a simple charm quilt a la Red Pepper Quilts

Then I though half square triangles like this one, from Fran433;

That way I could make my charms go further and make myself a nice big quilt! But when have I ever gone for the easy option? I have been thinking that maybe HSTs aren't detailed enough so I was thinking string HSTs...

(I found this example by Sew Cherry on flickr)

That would still allow me to get 2 blocks for each charm, but it could be an awful lot of work for my 'quick and simple' quilt, then I saw this;

and now I am completely confused!

What do you think, do you have any other inspiration for me? (Not that I need any, mind!) I would love to hear what you think about it.

J x

Oooh and just so I don't forget, I also love this pattern from Sweetwater!


  1. I'd go with the HST's probably.. boring. Oooh why dont you add solids and do 6.5" portholes with a charm as the view in each circle?

  2. I wouldn't be wanting to chop into such lovely fabrics too much! I really like the simplicity of Rita's squares, and then you can really appreciate the prints. Good luck with whatever you decide. Jxo

  3. Oh the final one looks great - I think the strings would spoil the look of the prints and are best left for scraps xxx

  4. Hmm, I wouldn't be chopping them up too much either, or you'd lose the clothes and bikes and big flowers. Maybe a disappearing 9 patch if you didn't want to go simple patchwork, then you could throw in 4 squares of white with every 5 charms, and keep the bigger prints at the corners where they wouldn't get chopped up.

  5. I wouldn't chop them up to much either and would do squares or HSTs

  6. Lucky you! I would probably also do some half square triangles, or I would surf Moda Bake Shop for all of the charm pack ideas until you fall in love with something. :)