Saturday, 2 June 2012

Too excited

There has been a lot of umming and ahhing this week, and quite a few days when I thought I wouldn't be making this trip at all but here I am. I got to London last night and couldn't believe how easy he traffic was- despite it taking 45 minutes to get on the motorway, at least the route was scenic and from there I was on the north circular in under an hour- it feels so little when you don't have to do it everyday!

I am staying with my friend Helen for the weekend, but I abandoned her his evening to do some much needed cutting and organising, this is me cutting when I should have been socialising.

At long last I think I am ready for whatever the weekend brings and I am pretty certain it's going to be great. I am particularly excited about the portholes class- but that's not until tomorrow and there is plenty more to do before then.

Like swapping!

Can't wait to see everyone in the flesh and read a huge amount of name tags. See you all in a few hours.


  1. Hello Jennie. I am thrilled to have found your blog, and am now following along. I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and our lunch time giggles and natterings. I hope you have enjoyed the rest of the weekend, and I look forward to hearing more about it at some point x

  2. Oh Sweetie, what a joy it was to meet you! Seriously, I was a bit scared of meeting you, after your scary block! You are truly lovely, wish we'd spent more time chatting. Wasn't it a great weekend?