Friday, 29 June 2012

Weekend Walk #1

There has been so much to write about this week that I keep putting this post off, so before it gets too late, here goes;

Each weekend I try to get out with Shep on a 'proper' walk, somewhere that is completely new to us, we don't always manage it due to other commitments or lack of inspiration (or, to be honest, terrible weather) but last weekend we went out to explore the next village as previously we haven't been further than the pub! We clocked a very reasonable 3.5 mile walk in the process.

(route recorded via mapmyrun for iPhone)

Across the fields and footpaths like these;

We stumbled across (Shep's first) horses and said hello - although these particular horses weren't as happy to see us as the first ones we found.

We admired some lovely houses and cottages;

And Shep kept an eye on the locals;

All in all a pretty successful walk, although it was a little hot for the hills we had to cross, I think it was the only bit of sunshine we have seen for weeks so I am not complaining!

J x


  1. Love the mapped route pic! Looks like a lovely day, hope Shep enjoyed it!

  2. That was an interesting route! Love that last pic lol